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Trump Blames Biden: Anti-Israel Protests Explode on Campuses!

Before heading into court for another day of his New York trial, former President Donald Trump addressed the anti-Israel protests sweeping through universities, particularly targeting President Joe Biden’s response to the Middle East conflict. The protests have escalated, with Columbia University moving to remote learning due to safety concerns stemming from the demonstrations, and similar protests erupting at New York University and Yale.

Trump did not mince words, asserting that Biden’s handling of the situation was sending the wrong message and displaying the wrong tone and words. He blamed Biden for the escalating tensions on college campuses, labeling the situation as a disgrace to the country. Trump characterized Biden as lacking a clear message, compassion, and competence, going so far as to label him the worst president in U.S. history.

Biden, in response to questions about the anti-Semitic protests on campuses, condemned the protests but also expressed a desire to understand the Palestinian perspective. Trump criticized this response, highlighting what he sees as a failure to unequivocally condemn anti-Semitism and address the root causes of the protests.

Trump also took aim at the disparity in law enforcement response, noting the heavy police presence at his trial compared to the lack of intervention at college campuses where anti-Israel protesters have gained significant control. He criticized authorities for allowing radical elements to dominate campuses while cracking down heavily on peaceful protests near the courthouse.

Columbia University, a private institution, sought police intervention to clear protest encampments on its campus, resulting in numerous summonses for trespassing. Despite these efforts, anti-Israel demonstrators continued their sit-ins, highlighting the ongoing challenges universities face in managing polarizing protests and ensuring campus safety.

In Trump’s view, Biden’s response to the anti-Israel protests and the broader Middle East conflict has been inadequate and has contributed to a climate of unrest and hostility, particularly on college campuses.

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