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Pelosi Warns: Biden Shouldn’t Face Trump in Debate!

Nancy Pelosi recently shared her perspective on the upcoming debates between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. While acknowledging that she personally wouldn’t recommend appearing on stage with Trump, she acknowledged the president’s decision and indicated support for the format he suggested. This format includes two debates, one hosted by CNN on June 27 and another by ABC on Sept. 10, both to occur inside a TV studio with automatic microphone cutoffs.

Pelosi expressed her preference for separate town hall meetings instead of traditional debates. She believes this format would allow the audience to challenge each candidate with questions about the future directly. Her stance reflects concerns about Trump’s behavior during past debates, citing instances where she felt he lacked professionalism and presidential demeanor, particularly in the 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton.

In her book “What Happened,” Clinton recounted feeling uncomfortable during the 2016 debate as Trump closely followed her around the stage. Pelosi’s remarks echo Clinton’s sentiments, highlighting a desire for a more controlled and respectful environment for political discussions.

Biden’s decision to engage in debates with Trump comes amidst polls indicating Trump’s lead in several battleground states. Despite Trump’s criticism of Biden’s debating skills, he accepted the challenge, emphasizing his belief that Biden is a weak debater and a subpar president.

The Trump campaign’s response to Biden’s debate challenge remains undisclosed, as they did not provide a comment to Fox News Digital. Overall, Pelosi’s remarks underscore a cautious approach to debating Trump, focusing on alternative formats and past experiences to inform her perspective on the upcoming debates.

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