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Jim Jordan Reveals Shocking Truth: Gov Influence on Google’s Woke AI!

House Republicans, spearheaded by Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), are demanding transparency from Google regarding the U.S. government’s involvement in the creation of its AI chatbot, Gemini. Expressing apprehensions about potential federal influence on Gemini’s development, the House Judiciary Committee, led by Jim Jordan, has called for the submission of all communications between Google, Alphabet, and government agencies by March 17. The committee is particularly alarmed by reports suggesting that Gemini adheres to guidelines from the Biden White House, which emphasize “equity” in AI systems and could potentially infringe upon the First Amendment.

In a letter addressed to Google, the committee raises pertinent questions about Alphabet’s track record of censoring speech protected by the First Amendment under the influence of government agencies. Concerns have surged over Gemini’s controversial generative AI service, which faced severe criticism for generating images that seemingly erased white individuals from historical depictions. The controversies surrounding Gemini have taken a toll on Google’s market value, witnessing a staggering $90 billion decline. The AI’s alleged bias against white individuals has triggered widespread condemnation, with figures like Elon Musk highlighting the problematic views of Gemini product lead Jack Krawczyk, known for expressing disdain for “white privilege” on social media.

Gemini gained notoriety for producing racially biased images and defending contentious positions such as pedophilia and admiration for Joseph Stalin. The controversy erupted when users discovered that the AI refused to generate images featuring white individuals, opting for more racially “diverse” portrayals instead. The House Judiciary Committee’s concern extends beyond offensive outputs, emphasizing the broader danger of manipulating historical truth. Images depicting figures like George Washington as non-white raise critical questions about the potential ramifications of biased AI on the perception of reality. Conservatives are closely monitoring the situation, underscoring the imperative to safeguard free speech and prevent undue government influence in AI development.

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