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Anti-Trump Movement: Disdain for Everyday Voters Exposed!

The sentiment often echoed nowadays is that American politicians are disconnected from the general populace, if not outright disdainful of them. Many perceive politicians prioritizing ideological agendas over the concerns of ordinary citizens. Two stark examples of this disconnect are urban governments’ reluctance to prosecute violent criminals, leading to a rise in crime, and the White House’s leniency on mass immigration, posing threats to jobs, security, and the rule of law.

Delving into history, Gertrude Himmelfarb’s analysis in “The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments” distinguishes between the attitudes of French philosophes, American Founding Fathers, and British moral philosophers. While the English and American thinkers emphasized compassion, liberty, and human nature, the French intellectuals viewed the common people with disdain, perceiving them as ignorant and irrational.

The dismissive attitude toward the masses is reminiscent of the arrogance displayed by 18th-century French revolutionaries, who deemed the common folk incapable of rationality and morality. This contemptuous view is reflected in the writings of French philosophers like Diderot, who portrayed the masses as ignorant, prejudiced, and incapable of noble actions.

This historical perspective sheds light on the current political climate where certain factions exhibit disdain for working-class Americans. There’s a stark contrast between the compassion shown by past liberal progressives for the working class and the current progressive movement’s tendency to demean and stereotype blue-collar workers.

The rejection of traditional values and natural law by modern progressives has led to a disconnect between the political elite and ordinary Americans. Many working men and women find resonance with figures like Donald Trump, who they perceive as defenders of traditional family values and common sense against the condescending attitudes of the establishment.

Trump’s direct and often caustic rhetoric resonates with many who feel marginalized and disregarded by the political elite. They see Trump as a champion who challenges the entrenched disdain of the ruling class and speaks up for their concerns and values.

In essence, Trump’s appeal lies in his willingness to confront the disdain and contempt directed at ordinary Americans by a self-appointed elite. His blunt rhetoric and defiance against political correctness strike a chord with those who feel neglected and dismissed by the prevailing establishment narratives.

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