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White House Admits to Massive Errors in Biden’s Speech!

The recent speech by President Biden at the NAACP event in Michigan has once again highlighted the ongoing concerns regarding his verbal missteps. The White House transcript had to make nine corrections to the speech, which was riddled with errors and confusing statements. For conservatives, this incident underscores the broader issue of Biden’s competency and the transparency of his administration.

One of the most glaring errors in Biden’s speech was his implication that he was the vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic, which began nearly four years after he left office. This mistake was particularly notable because it not only showed a lapse in his memory but also muddied the historical timeline of his tenure. Biden stated, “When I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic,” a claim that needed correction. The White House later clarified that Biden intended to refer to the Great Recession during his vice presidency in 2009, not the pandemic.

Another significant correction involved Biden’s claim about the financial savings families have gained from the Affordable Care Act. He exaggerated the impact by stating that families saved $800,000 per year, a figure that is not supported by any credible data. Additionally, his comment on fighting corporate landlords to “keep rents down” was also misleading, as it does not align with his administration’s actual policies. The transcript had to correct these inaccuracies, which conservatives view as an attempt to mislead the public about the administration’s achievements.

The president also mispronounced several words during his speech, referring to the NAACP as “the NAAC,” and stumbling over terms like “inspiring” and “insurrectionists.” These errors were corrected in the official transcript, but they added to the perception of a president struggling with his communication. Conservatives argue that such frequent mistakes not only diminish the gravitas of the office but also reflect poorly on the nation’s leadership on the global stage.

In a response to the criticisms, Acting Deputy Press Secretary Sam Michel attempted to shift the focus to the substance of Biden’s policies, emphasizing efforts to lower prescription drug costs, invest in HBCUs, and protect Medicare and Social Security. However, for many conservatives, these policy points are overshadowed by the continuous stream of gaffes and the administration’s need to constantly revise the president’s public statements.

Biden’s series of verbal missteps have been increasingly evident as he ramps up his campaign activities. In April alone, he made several controversial comments, including an incident where he appeared to read teleprompter instructions out loud. During a campaign event, he stated, “Imagine what we could do next. Four more years, pause,” followed by laughter from the audience. This incident, along with others, reinforces conservative concerns about his ability to effectively lead and communicate, raising questions about the direction and stability of his presidency.

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