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Scandal Alert: Biden’s New Cover-Up to Shield Hunter?

The Biden family is neck-deep in corruption, and yet, time after time, it becomes increasingly clear that they believe they can get away with it. Even as Hunter Biden faces criminal gun and tax charges, and Joe Biden is the subject of an impeachment inquiry, their behavior remains unchanged.

Perhaps they figure that since the media is on their side, they don’t have to worry about honest coverage blowing their cover. And they are mostly right. The mainstream media has been insisting for months now that House Republicans have turned up no evidence of corruption by Joe Biden, which is patently false.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how the media will cover Hunter Biden’s trial, or even if they will cover it at all. But something tells me that the media will largely ignore any late-breaking developments in the story. According to a White House pool report, Joe Biden made a rather curious visit to his son Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie Biden, Sunday night.

“The president is at the home of Hallie Biden, the widow of his late son, Beau, per the White House press office,” S.V. Dáte, the White House correspondent for HuffPost, wrote in the report. “[Press] Pool is holding in the press van.” Why did Joe Biden visit Hallie Biden? Does he usually make house calls to his late son’s former wife? I suspect not. But why did this happen on Sunday night of all nights?

Could it be that mere days earlier it was reported that Special Counsel David Weiss is planning to call Hallie Biden as a witness in Hunter Biden’s gun trial? “Prosecutors in the gun case against Hunter Biden in Delaware intend to call his ex-wife as well as the late Beau Biden’s wife to testify as witnesses,” NBC News reported Thursday, just three days before Joe Biden paid Hallie a visit.

Special counsel David Weiss’ team submitted to the court a trial brief in which prosecutors say they intend to call three unnamed witnesses. The brief, however, provides enough details to identify two of them. “Witness 1” appears to be Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, and “Witness 3” appears to be Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s wife with whom Hunter Biden was in a romantic relationship after his brother died.

Representatives for Buhle and Hallie Biden did not immediately respond to NBC News’ requests for comment Wednesday night. A Hunter Biden lawyer did not immediately provide comment. In the brief, “Witness 1” is described as “previously married to the defendant,” though they “divorced in April 2017” — the year Buhle and Hunter Biden divorced. “Witness 3” is described as being “in a romantic relationship with the defendant in October 2018” and that he “stayed at her home in the fall of 2018” — which coincides with the time that Hunter Biden was living with Hallie Biden.

Are we really expected to believe that Biden’s visit to Hallie Biden mere days after court filings indicated she is a witness for the prosecution in his son’s federal gun trial means nothing? Are we really supposed to believe whatever excuse the White House will make for the visit when the press pool was specifically excluded from the little get-together? What exactly was Joe Biden trying to hide? What message did Hallie Biden receive, either directly or indirectly, from his visit? We know that Joe Biden would likely do anything to protect Hunter from going to prison for his crimes, and it hardly seems out of character for him to speak to Hallie and dissuade her from saying too much on the witness stand.

Hunter Biden’s trial is expected to begin in early June. If Joe Biden wasn’t dabbling in a little witness tampering, what exactly are we expected to believe about his little visit to one of the prosecution’s key witnesses?

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