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Media Fears Biden’s Impending Debate Loss to Trump

The first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is rapidly approaching, and there’s a prevailing skepticism about whether it will actually take place. The mainstream media appears visibly anxious about the upcoming confrontation.

MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner recently expressed concern, lamenting that Donald Trump will be held to a significantly lower standard than Joe Biden in the debates. Wagner argued that Biden faces a “structural disadvantage,” claiming that the bar for Biden is set much higher. According to Wagner, Trump’s expectations are as low as “Is he alive?” and “Are there words coming out of his mouth?”

This argument is hardly convincing. For months, Trump has been vocal about Biden’s perceived deficiencies, often suggesting that Biden “can’t put two sentences together.” Some Senate Republicans have cautioned that Trump might be making a mistake by setting such a low bar for Biden. They argue that lowering expectations could ultimately benefit Biden if he manages a merely decent performance, a strategy that backfired in the first 2020 debate.

The irony in Wagner’s comments is striking. By setting a low bar for Trump, she inadvertently reinforces the notion that Trump, despite his style, remains mentally sharp and capable. Wagner’s assertion that there is more scrutiny on Biden is laughable, given the constant media attacks on Trump’s every move and word. The narrative that Biden faces tougher scrutiny is a clear attempt to deflect from his frequent gaffes and concerning cognitive lapses.

Wagner’s claim of a “structural disadvantage” for Biden is perplexing, considering the Biden campaign set the debate rules. These rules, which Trump agreed to, were crafted to benefit Biden. The absence of an audience, no opening statements, muted microphones, and a shorter debate duration all play to Biden’s strengths. Despite this, reports suggest the Biden campaign sought further changes, including allowing Biden to be seated.

Yet, media figures like Susan Glasser of The New Yorker continue to insist that Biden faces a tougher task compared to Trump. Glasser argued that Biden’s supporters don’t hold him to the same standards as other public officials, suggesting an uneven playing field. This perspective is a transparent attempt to preemptively excuse any poor performance from Biden.

It’s almost comical how the leftist media spins the narrative that Biden is at a “structural disadvantage” in a debate whose rules his campaign dictated. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a safe bet that the media will declare Biden the winner, continuing their trend of shielding him from legitimate scrutiny and accountability.

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