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DeSantis Sends Florida Assets to Block Illegal Haitian Immigrants!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken decisive action to address the potential influx of illegal immigration from Haiti by deploying additional resources to southern Florida and the Florida Keys. In a press release issued on Wednesday, Governor DeSantis emphasized the state’s commitment to protecting its borders and preventing illegal aliens from entering Florida.

The governor’s directive involves deploying over 250 additional officers and soldiers, along with a dozen air and sea craft, to enhance security along the southern coast of Florida. This move is part of ongoing efforts by the state to combat illegal vessels arriving from countries such as Haiti, particularly amid the challenging circumstances in Haiti.

State agencies, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Florida National Guard, and the Florida Highway Patrol, will contribute additional personnel and assets to bolster security and surveillance efforts in the region. These agencies play a crucial role in Operation Vigilant Sentry, which aims to prevent illegal immigration at sea.

Illegal immigration has become a pressing issue, exacerbated by the Biden administration’s perceived lack of action to secure the southern border. Governor DeSantis’s decision to reinforce Florida’s borders reflects growing concerns over the influx of illegal immigrants, not only from Central and South America but also from regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Governor DeSantis underscored the importance of states taking action to defend their territories and people in the face of federal government inaction. He emphasized Florida’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws and protecting the integrity of its borders, echoing sentiments expressed by other governors, such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

As the immigration issue continues to dominate national discourse, Governor DeSantis’s proactive stance is likely to resonate with conservative voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election. With millions of illegal immigrants entering the United States during the Biden administration and concerns about unchecked refugee flows from countries like Haiti, border security remains a key priority for many Americans.

Ward Clark, a veteran with military experience and a staunch minarchist libertarian, applauds Governor DeSantis’s efforts to defend Florida’s borders. Clark emphasizes the importance of safeguarding America’s sovereignty and preventing potential threats from entering the country, particularly amidst the turmoil in Haiti.

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