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Democrats Admit: Trump Will Defeat Biden in 2024

Internal polling by the Democrat Party has unveiled the alarming extent of President Joe Biden’s potential defeat to Republican rival Donald Trump.

The leaked memo forecasts a significant victory for the former president, predicting a 333-205 win in the Electoral College. Trump is projected to sweep most swing states along with traditional Republican strongholds. Surprisingly, states that previously leaned Democratic, such as New Hampshire, Virginia, and New Mexico, are now leaning towards Trump. He reportedly leads Biden by seven points in the critical states of Pennsylvania and Michigan. After a disastrous debate performance on CNN, Biden now trails behind fellow Democrats like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Pete Buttigieg in battleground states. Even more strikingly, he trails Vice President Kamala Harris, who has consistently struggled to gain the favor of the American electorate.

Social media users quickly weighed in on the poll, predicting a demoralizing effect on Biden’s staunchest supporters. Some noted the possibility of Trump achieving a majority reminiscent of past Republican victories. However, there are also skeptics who question the internal polling, suspecting it might be a tactic to manipulate the narrative in Biden’s favor.

Amid growing pressure within the Democratic Party, concerns over a resurgent Trump are becoming more pronounced. Biden’s lackluster performance in the June 27 debate has intensified discussions about a potential successor. California Governor Gavin Newsom is frequently mentioned as a top contender. However, any decision to step down would have to come from Biden himself before the party’s convention in August.

The internal turmoil and strategic maneuvering within the Democratic Party highlight a desperate attempt to find a viable path forward. With Biden’s approval ratings dwindling and Trump’s momentum increasing, the party faces an uphill battle. The upcoming months will be crucial in determining whether Biden can salvage his campaign or if the Democrats will have to pivot to a new candidate to challenge Trump in the 2024 election.

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