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Biden’s Staff Furious with Obama: Here’s Why!

Joe Biden had a notable weekend on the campaign fundraising circuit, pulling in $28 million at a Los Angeles event. However, this impressive haul was largely due to former President Barack Obama’s involvement. The clip that went viral from the event wasn’t about their speeches but rather a moment where Obama appeared to help Biden off stage, holding his hand, sparking more questions about Biden’s cognitive state.

It’s not surprising to see another “Mr. Magoo” moment from Biden, especially after his rough outing at the G7 Summit. While the media and Democratic Party claimed the president performed well with our European allies, the reality was quite different. The Biden campaign attempted to dismiss clips of Biden wandering off and staring into space as misinformation, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough labeled them as “cheap fakes.” However, the European press confirmed what many already suspected: a president in cognitive decline.

In this particular instance, Fox News’ Brit Hume suggested that the clip might not be a clear indicator of Biden’s mental decline, even though he believes the president is unwell. Hume noted that Biden had been applauding moments earlier and was simply absorbing the applause when Obama reached out and grabbed his wrist. Hume speculated that the White House staff might be annoyed with Obama for making Biden appear more dependent than he actually is.

Nonetheless, the possibility remains that Biden did experience another moment of confusion. These incidents are becoming increasingly common and are likely to continue as the summer progresses. The pattern of Biden’s behavior raises valid concerns about his fitness for office.

As these moments accumulate, it’s essential for the American public to consider the implications of having a leader whose cognitive abilities are in question. While the media and Biden’s supporters may attempt to downplay these incidents, the evidence of his decline is hard to ignore. What do you think about Biden’s latest incident and the ongoing concerns about his mental health?

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