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Biden’s Michigan Support Crumbles, Trump Gains Momentum!

President Joe Biden is heading into the general election in must-win Michigan without the backing of a key Democrat in one of its most pivotal counties, exposing fractures within his base.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel has announced he won’t endorse Biden in 2024 and has no plans to campaign for the Democratic nominee. This decision could be detrimental to Biden’s chances in Macomb, as Hackel is a popular figure with crossover appeal to both Democrats and Republicans.

While Hackel isn’t endorsing former President Donald Trump either, he raised concerns over Biden’s campaign effort to win Macomb, questioning why no one from the president’s team has contacted him for support. Hackel stated, “I’ve made it clear that I have no interest in assisting any presidential candidate at this time for this current race. None of their teams have ever reached out for such assistance.”

This comes as Trump prepares to rally support in Michigan with events in Detroit and a MAGA boat parade in Macomb to celebrate his 78th birthday. Trump won Macomb County and Michigan in 2016 but lost Michigan in 2020, although he still held onto Macomb County with significant support. Republicans are counting on Trump holding Macomb again, especially with inflation and high gas prices hurting blue-collar workers and skepticism over Biden’s push for electric vehicles threatening traditional manufacturing jobs.

Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), who represents Macomb County, noted, “If you look at the makeup of Macomb County, they are good, hardworking people that truly just want to be left alone. Their paycheck does not go as far under Biden as it did under Trump. I think that is the number one indicator.”

Hackel, a centrist Democrat eyeing a gubernatorial run in 2026, expressed surprise that Biden’s campaign hasn’t reached out to him despite his previous comments criticizing both Trump and Biden. He believes Biden’s campaign is missing an opportunity by not engaging with him, emphasizing the need for effort in Macomb County to secure votes.

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) echoed Hackel’s frustration, acknowledging the need for better campaign outreach. He warned that Michigan will be a tight race between Biden and Trump and stressed the importance of everyone actively participating to support Biden’s campaign. Meanwhile, Republican strategist Jamie Roe highlighted Hackel’s influence in Macomb County, noting that his non-endorsement underscores Biden’s weaknesses and Trump’s strengths in the region. Roe suggested that Hackel’s decision might also be a political calculation to avoid alienating Republican voters who support him.

Biden’s support among some Democrats has also waned due to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, with over 101,000 Democrats voting “uncommitted” in the Michigan primary in February, led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Sameh Elhady, a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, stated that Biden has lost credibility with Michigan’s Arab American, Muslim, and young voters, further complicating his re-election bid.

While Biden’s campaign has opened a field office in Macomb and is actively working to counter Trump’s influence, Hackel’s non-endorsement and the broader discontent within the Democratic base pose significant challenges for Biden’s chances in Michigan.

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